Sir Christopher Wren

  • June 11, 2019

A Brief Introduction

Sir Christopher Wren (1623-1723) was an English anatomist, astronomer, geometer, and mathematician-physicist. He combined his multi-faceted genius and applied it to the construction of public buildings and monuments, which ultimately resulted in his architecture career. Few realize or understand, however, that his career designing public buildings and monuments stems from a multi-faceted and and nuanced mind. 

Considered one of the most highly acclaimed architects in English history, Wren was a versatile genius who pursued a number of scientific and technical careers with equal prowess. A mathematical prodigy, an accomplished astronomer, a skillful anatomist, and a founder of The Royal Society, he made a career in what he described in later life as ‘Rubbish’ – architecture, and the design and construction of public buildings.

In spite of his work as an architect, Wren never strayed far from the sciences. His primary scientific achievements ranged from astronomy, optics, cosmology, mechanics, microscopy, surveying, medicine and meteorology. He observed, measured, dissected, built models and employed, invented and improved a variety of instruments.

Is it surprising to think that such a mind could grasp the tenets of architecture without much formal training?

Sir Christopher Wren + Cornelia

Inspired by Sir Christopher Wren’s unrelenting pursuit of knowledge, I began using the pseudonym Wrenegade Grace to learn and to participate in subjects outside of my everyday career. At the time, I worked as an auction house specialist of fine art. Considering my current pursuits as a web developer and systems architect, most people do not understand how I pivoted from art to tech.

The reasons behind my career change are not obvious; it’s unlikely someone would connect the dots by looking at my CV or reading my about page. The reasons fueling my professional changes are much more personal. 


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