Sites I Like, 2020

In 2020, not having an online presence makes people wonder if you exist at all. This may be a crass generalization but the confirmation bias inherent in each and everyone of us really tend to wonder about that business without a website or that person without any social media…

While business and people use both websites and social media to promote themselves in some way, shape, or form, building and maintaining a solid web presence is no straight forward task. It’s tricky to not only stay up-to-date with the latest trends and comply with current standards or regulation, but also to establish and maintain a consistent look or feel. This is true of individual pages on a single website and becomes even more fickle when multiple platforms are involved.

This list of websites align with my personal preferences and also includes websites that I believe succeeded in establishing a solid web presence in some way, shape or form. Reading my post about ‘Different Types of Websites‘ might also help contextualize things too. Otherwise here is a quick breakdown of how this post is organized.

  • Professional Websites
  • Blogs
  • eCommerce

Professional Websites

These are websites for businesses or service providers.


Based in the ‘Middle of Nowhere’ (their words, not mine; see below), OkAlpha is a creative animation studio. Their site uses primary colors, simple shapes and clever animations that speak to our inner-child.

The large vector graphics and the equally large typography remind us of the basic building blocks we learned to play with as kids. Perhaps a metaphor for the services? Last but not least, who doesn’t love a dog on the team page and punchy copywriting?

OkAlpha homepage


For many reasons, it was love at first page load when I first came across Fibery’s website. I’ve never needed their tool (sorry) and I will shamelessly admit I do not really know what it is, but their site certainly caught my (and the web design world’s) attention.

The most interesting feature is that the designers created several versions of the same single landing page, the last of which proves that catching people off guard or doing the unexpected can seriously pay off. With that said, the sarcastic tone only warrants praise because every other aspect of the design is flawless.

The dynamic patterns and graphics suggest a very sophisticated level of design expertise as they reference the work of famous artists, like Wassily Kandinsky. By the time I scrolled to the bottom of page to find the carrousel of inventors, I knew that I should be paying attention to Fibery.


These websites feature trending and ever-changing content.

Second City Works

Elsa Muse

Elsa Muse is a French fashion blogger. This site’s design cleverly combines primary colors with a unique layout and a variety of innovative media. While the site appears to be outdated per the footer copyrights date, the layouts of each page may seem chaotic. At closer look, however, a color-blocking design system dictates the post archives.

The blog archive pages highlights posts by placing the listing item text on the large ‘blobs’ that appear throughout the site. The ‘blobs’ overlap with the post featured image to visually group a posts content and meta data. The posts archive page also features what appear to be affiliate products and other non-post content, which indicates this site is not your average blog.


Collagerie is an affiliate marketing site that promotes products in a blog-like context.


These sites sell products either directly, through affiliate sales, or through a dropship model.

Ioana Ciolacu

Ioana Ciolacu is a clean and modern traditional eCommerce site.




Ment features a grid-based design with a punchy color and attention-grabbing color scheme